Bull City Cool , A Food Hub…


The Non Profit Created By Reinvestment Partners is the city of Durham North Carolina’s newest addition to promote Growth in Food Based Businesses along side local Non Profits, working together with local farmers, new and established food and restaurant businesses and agencies that speed self reliance and nutrition to those that share the same needs we all enjoy.

It seems that more and more we, the people, are becoming more aware of what we put into our bodies, and how what we eat is as important, more important than any medicine or as the Natives Peoples of The United States always knew that that, OUR FOOD IS MEDICINE. It is more than and as important as what we eat ,but how our food is grown, the energy and the human loving care involved in growing sustenance contributes to our mind and bodies vitality and zestful exuberance as this giving energy is transferred to us and the cells of our bodies. And in doing this video, we got an opportunity to ravel to local family farms and witness this sacred process. We followed veggies from the farm, literately to the table and watched caring masterful chefs cook fresh delicious meals. And saw how this was all centered with non profits at the Durham Food Hub.
Final Edit
Production: MoonManPictures.com
Producer Director Cinematographer; rOMAN gABRIEL
Camera: rOMAN gABRIEL , Johnny J. Jones
Post: Edit: Kelix Williams, rOMAN gABRIEL
Locations: Reinvestment Partners Durham North Carolina, Bull City Cool Food Hub, Farmer Food Share, Good Earth Farms, Coon Rock Farm, Luna Rotisserie